About Us


Mission Statement

The Montessori English speaking preschool is a community that works together to create a positive and nurturing environment to support learning and personal growth within your child. We encourage the development of the whole child by providing a comprehensive Montessori education, nurturing independent thought and foundational skills as well as an awareness of their environment, empathy for others, social skills, confidence, and self esteem.

By establishing within each child the intellectual, emotional, and physical consistency needed to become a self-directed learner, flexible thinker, and creative problem solver, and to support their ever-increasing curiosity about the world in which they live, we help our students to grow up to be successful and confident global citizens.

The children have freedom to explore, gain hands-on experience and learn in a safe, peaceful environment equipped with beautiful learning materials and positive role models. The children are fulfilled and happy as they gain independence and responsibility in caring for themselves, each other and the world we share.

The teaching team respects the parent’s role as the child’s first teacher. We welcome parent involvement and value daily contact and communication. The teaching team and families encourage the exchange of information and ideas for successful parenting, and offer support for parenting challenges.

Our professional team is dedicated to high standards of education, care, and service, and they believe in the importance of education. They are committed to personal and professional growth. They creatively apply and share their knowledge and skills and create a safe and healthy environment. Our teachers like what they do.

Our Montessori School is consistent in maintaining a positive, creative and supportive environment for the teaching team, parents and children. We serve our future by giving children a positive experience of life and the world during the important formative years.


  • To create an environment where children are valued. A happy community that promotes learning, where children are proud of their achievements and develop a positive attitude to work.
  • To help children reach their full potential, through a range of educational experiences that develop skills in communication, numeracy, decision making, creative and physical areas.
  • To help children become self disciplined, to make them aware of their behavior and responsibilities towards home, school and the wider world.
  • To instill respect towards others, to develop a code of moral values which include tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life.
  • To develop physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual awareness in each child.
  • To provide a stimulating environment and a broad based curriculum adapted for the needs of each child.
  • To nurture an inquiring mind and a love of learning that will stay with each child throughout his or her life.
  • To afford maximum opportunity for the professional development of the Teaching team.


To achieve our pedagogical goals our preschool offers the following:

  • Small group of eighteen children necessary for an optimal integration
  • Practice in everyday occupations, sensory training, basics in mathematics, language, initial steps towards reading and writing, cosmic training etc.
  • Psychomotor training materials and didactic play materials.
  • Creative activities – play dough, woodwork, painting, modeling etc.
  • Domestic activities -cooking, cleaning, polishing etc.
  • Experience in movement – gym, rhythmical movement etc.
  • Environmental experiences – walks, excursions, shopping, contacts with other similar children’s groups etc.
  • External teachers who visit weekly / biweekly and offer the children instruction in music, art and ball sports. 
  • Regular family coffee afternoons and social events (currently on hold due to Corona).

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