Our Team

Head Teacher: Theresa Schulze

My name is Theresa Schulze. I am the Kindergarten Head Teacher at the International Montessori English Speaking Preschool.

I received my teaching degree at Schweinfurt’s Fachakademie fuer Sozialpaedagogik in 2011 before traveling around the world to the USA. I have been fortunate enough to passionately teach and manage in a variety of educational environments across two continents including preschools, kindergartens, after-school programs, high school and university. Throughout this time my focus and interest has always been on bilingual language education both in German and English.

My work is my passion. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of hands-on learning. It’s through this aspect of Montessori education that children learn to discover the world around them, develop critical thinking skills, and engage in creative endeavors. These early experiences create a powerful foundation for future success. Seeing kids developing these skills at their own pace is professionally and personally motivating.

I am excited to work with my talented and dedicated staff to continue
providing the best education possible for your children! My priority is to create a rich and exciting curriculum for the kids – encouraging them to actively learn, grow and ultimately preparing them for a bright future ahead!

Emma Filer

Hi there! My name is Em Filer and I’m originally from Connecticut, the third smallest state in America. Before working at the preschool, I was an au pair here in Munich, and before that I lived in Dublin, Ireland for nearly two years. I graduated in 2015 from Skidmore College with a Bachelors of Science in Theater and Math, and I received my AMI Montessori Diploma in August 2019! I have also worked in childcare my whole life, so I have a lot of experience working with children of all ages and at all development levels.

When I started working at the preschool in 2017, I knew nothing about Montessori, but have grown so passionate about it that I completed a year-long training program to receive my AMI diploma! I love how the Montessori system encourages children to discover and learn for themselves, guiding their own education; it keeps children involved and focused, as they choose their own areas of interest. I also love how self-sufficient the children become – the Montessori method truly fosters a sense of responsibility and self-reflection amongst the kids that I feel really prepares them to go off to school.

Chicco Leung

Hello! My name is Chicco Leung and I’m from Hong Kong.

In 2017, I graduated from the Education University of Hong Kong (BEd. for ESL Education) and I am currently obtaining a MEd. at TU-München. Since 2014, I worked in many primary, secondary schools (and homes) as a teacher or tutor for various types of extra-curricular courses (e.g. Balloon-art class, Bilingual summer camp, etc.). I deeply enjoy being with children with tailored supports on their growth and I learned to appreciate diverse teaching styles in schools. I always attempt to apply matching skills from working experiences according to each class’s needs.

Since late 2017, I began to expand the age-groups of students I worked with. First as day-carer for a German-French family with three children aged 3,7 and 10, then as a Business English trainer in Mühldorf. Afterwards, I started both as an Intern-student at this Montessori Preschool and a substitute teacher at another international school on Jan,2019.

I am impressed by the Montessori training for children in which learning is practical, calm and respect free minds. Generally, children can appreciate small responsibilities and eager to make self-discoveries to fields they are passionate on. Socially, children at our preschool are also highly empathetic and develop their bilingual communication skills with surrounding sources. I feel pleasant to foster and face each small stage of everyone’s daily growth as an educator. My aim is to bring the children a fruitful and happy pre-school life.

Zsófia Kerényi

Hello! My name is Zsófia Kerényi and I’m from Budapest, Hungary. I started working with children in 2014 part time while studying French and Norwegian at university. My dream was to become a translator. I quickly realized that I would much rather spend time with children. A year later, I applied to Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Primary and Pre-school Education to study Early Childhood Education specializing in Hungarian-English bilingual teaching. I wrote my thesis in English about sustainability in bilingual kindergartens in Europe, a topic I’m passionate about. I graduated in July, 2018. Later that year I moved to Augsburg and started learning German.

I’ve always admired children. I think young children are wonderful, interesting, curious and open to the world. I love the Montessori method because this education style has an identical mode everywhere in the world. It connects children and teachers across language and cultural bounds. Certain routines could look complex yet children acquire many skills while working with the materials. I like that everyone can choose what they want to do: the Montessori routine gives children a sense of freedom and control at the same time. I am amazed to see and assist children of different ages cooperate and help each other.