Our Team

Claudia Franz


Hello, my name is Claudia Franz and I’m from Germany. I have been in a leading role in different small preschools since 25 years. During this time, I have done advanced trainings in different topics and have given talks on participation and co-determination of children. Besides my trainings in rhythm and as nonmedical practitioner, I am focusing my efforts on topics related to psychology and movement.

My pedagogical focus lies on helping the children to become autonomous and to motivate them to actively participate in shaping our everyday life. It is important to me that the children learn a social and attentive way of cooperating with each other and that they not only learn to obey to rules, but to understand and actively participate in shaping the rules of our everyday life. Besides, I think it is important that the children learn how to nonviolently solve conflicts and how to communicate concerns to the group.

During my time at the Montessori Preschool, I enjoy doing projects on different topics with the children. For example, I like to cooke and bake with them and talk about food and health. During our calm times, I help the children to find silence and teach them exercises to relax. When possible, I also enjoy to experience nature together with the children. I have been working with medical herbs in the past and help the kids to recognise such and show them what to do with them.

Anastasia (Stacey) Ermolaeva


Hello! My name is Anastasia Ermolaeva (children call me Stacey) and I come from Moscow. In 2012, I completed my Masters Degree in Teaching Foreign Languages.

I have been an early childhood educator for more than 10 years. My experience ranges from working in international kindergartens teaching English, art, dance and science, to being a kindergarten head teacher and an international baccalaureate PYP coordinator, focusing my work on developing the program and organizing collaborative plannings.

I enjoy working with children because it is fascinating for me to see how fast they grow up and develop, how bright their imagination is and how many more things they are capable of than we expect. In my free time, I love traveling, hiking with my dog and watching art-house movies. I completed digital illustration courses and illustrate children’s books and make posters as a hobby.

Kenya Gerner

Hello. My name is Kenya Gerner and I am from Munich. I completed my Kenyauniversity entry exam in June and started volunteering at the preschool in September, 2022. In my free time I like to dance, draw and play handball. I am really looking forward to working here as an intern for the rest of my gap year!