_MG_1877Typically, we have a limited number of openings in our group each September. At the beginning of the year, we start looking at prospective families for September. In February, we invite families who have submitted applications to one of our annual Open Days. Open Day gives families and their children the opportunity to visit the school and meet the teachers as well as parents from the current group, who are on hand to show you around and answer any questions you may have, all in a very informal setting.*

To apply for a place at our preschool, please fill out the application form below. However, we accept applications at any time. Our preschool is a very international group – families occasionally move mid-year and openings may suddenly be available.

As a parent-run group parents are required to assist a few hours per month with various tasks necessary for the daily operation of the school, making the school a uniquely affordable English-language Montessori school in Munich. The active participation of the parents and three dedicated teachers have helped the school earn a good reputation in Munich’s local and international community.

*Please note that due to Corona, our interview and selection process will take place online this year. We will send further details about this process if we wish to proceed with your application. 

Application Form






Please describe your family a little. For instance, have you lived abroad? Where and for how long? What interests does your child have? Please describe your daughter/son a little, favorite toys/games/books, what makes her/him happy/laugh/sad/angry, etc.


We are a parent-organised and self-managed preschool that depends on the support of each family.

Without the ongoing help and involvement of our members the preschool does not run smoothly. The areas of parent-work cover the following tasks. Please indicate where you see yourselves rolling your sleeves up and getting involved:

1. Leadership of association according to status and bylaws (Committee Member)

Ensure proper and smooth running of the preschool as a whole. Prepare and conduct PTA meetings / Sign various official documents (e.g.contracts with 3rd parties/Petty cash/Parents’ fees and deposits) / Contacts to authorities / Filing / Lease contract/ General typing / Word processing / update of member list, Information Pack, Web site / General contact person for teachers and parents / Internal issues / Issues related to prospective children and teachers / Banking / Continuous education for teachers / All other administrative issues). These tasks will be taken over by two committee members.

2. Financial Administration

Prepare and submit financial accounting. Conduct financial controlling (fees, invoices). Prepare and submit annual budget proposal for the next year / Take decisions on minor budget issues/ Prepare decisions on larger budget issues / Prepare and submit actual annual budget for the current year/ Prepare and submit conclusive use of the money for the past year / Prepare financial plan for the year after next. Contact to German Tax Office / Finance issues. Good knowledge of German language required.

3. Handyman/woman

Repairs and other handyman jobs. Coordination of external workers.

4. Shopping

Buying presents (e.g. birthdays, Christmas, Year-end), items needed at the Preschool, special items needed for class work by the Staff etc. in accordance with budget and tax regulations (to be aligned with Board member).

5. PTA Meeting Minutes

Write Draft of Minutes/ Give to committee Members for review/ Distribute Minutes to all parents and staff via email. (Approx. Every 6 weeks.)

6. Pictures

Collecting Data Files / Posting on (private) web gallery / Dispersing email with link to Gallery / Co-ordinating any school pictures with teachers. (Approximately every 2 months.)

7. Laundry

Weekly laundry, mid-term and end-of-term laundry.

8. Clean Shelves

Clean/dust shelves and Montessori materials. Re-organise books. (Every 2 months.)

9. Organizing PTA Meetings and Coffee Afternoons (C.A.)

Come in at least 15 minutes prior to PTA meeting, to set water, glasses, paper and pens onto tables/Clear up after meeting, wash glasses, put chairs on tables. Announce C.A., organise refreshments with Parents. Arrive at preschool 20 minutes before C.A. begins, to set tables etc./ Clear up afterwards and wash dishes. (Approx. Every 6 weeks.)

10. Organising Outings / BBQ

Organize up to 3 outings per year for families and teachers: Get proposals for outing destination / Get feedback as to what destination to choose/ Organise date, travel etc/ All other issues involved in successfully planning an outing.

11. Storage Manager

Organizing off-site and basement storage, create an inventory, organize transportation when necessary, general management

12. New Families

Handle the process of new applications, getting and staying in touch with potential new families via e-mail, sending out invitation and prepare for open day. Keep record of all applications, interviews, and child/family evaluations.

13. Help at Open Days for prospective families/children

Organize refreshments, prepare and copy Information pack etc and attending these days. Two open days a year in January/February on Saturdays. Co-ordinate with parents to attend, assist and answer new parent questions.

14. IT/Hardware specialist and technical support

Back up PC, take care of defective equipment, assist with general technical problems, manage website.

15. Supervision of Tasks

Contact person for outstanding tasks. Get in touch with parents responsible for completing outstanding tasks, make sure task is completed in timely manner. Assign new tasks when necessary.

16. Parents on Call

Contact Parents to fill-in in case of reduced staff conditions (sickness, courses, etc).


Please use this field if you would like to give us any additional information about your choice of/availability for the above tasks.